Today’s Guest is Nikita Ostrovsky Devops/Data Architect at PulsePoint.

Show Notes:

What got Nik into Dev Ops? 2.11

The story of DevOps 2.35

Another name for SRE’s at Google 3.39

The beginning of Nik’s career in development work 4.44

The goal for Ops guys hasn’t really changed over the different name iterations 5.57

Deterrents for people going into an ops role 7.24

What Nik looks for when hiring 7.48

Being born with the personality for an ops role 8.52

Potential Ops restriction by the corporate side of things 10.06

Planning a culture shift inside an organization 12.26

Developer culture is in tune with the servant leadership ideal 13.54

Make sure you know what you don’t know 14.30

Always be willing to learn 16.19

How to structure a team for generating results 16.43

How did Nik learn his leadership style? 20.11

Keep DevOps work a bottom-up experience 20.57

Nik’s approach to getting the best talent possible 21.49

Two questions Nik asks to understand an applicant 24.35

Macro thoughts on leadership 27.08