Dmitri is the Head of DevOps at LoveHoliday.

Dmitri is interested in exploring Google Cloud, Kubernetes, building scalable distributed systems and cloud-native tech. Before heading up DevOps at Loveholidays, Dmitri worked at IBM Watson Health and holds patents from his time there.  

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Loveholidays is one of the UK’s fastest growing online travel agents, specialising in bespoke search and filter features that are finely tuned to customer needs. With an expanding user base, the business is focused on using technology to rapidly innovate to meet customer needs and stay ahead of the curve. This modernisation has seen Loveholidays take first place in the Sunday Times BDO Profit Track 100 for 2019.

The value of DevOps

A good DevOps team can have a really positive impact on a company’s bottom line. But a lot of people don’t equate DevOps to ROI efforts. In truth, a DevOps department is uniquely placed to improve a businesses processes and increase its profits. Dmitri discussed the fortunate position DevOps engineers find them in on the show and mentioned a few avenues a DevOps team can explore to increase revenue in a business. 

‘I’m really driven by efficiencies and scale. If you can combine both its the pinnacle of my job satisfaction. So if I can do something big, that matters, and do it really well. Minimize waste in that process I’m happy. 

Things like infrastructure cost a business a lot of money. But so does developer times and opportunity costs. I believe that DevOps is in a very fortunate position. It is sat on the crossroads to all these things and being able to drive value in all these directions. 

It can be a really hard choice deciding which way to go. But the opportunities are somewhat endless.’    

Show Notes:

00.31 The rise of Kubernetes 

05.44 Migrating your company in under 6 months

06.29 Getting into DevOps 

10.59 The value in DevOps 

12.46 Creating a case for using DevOps 

18.32 Being risk-conscious but not risk-averse

19.39 Personal growth and development 

21.47 Goal setting