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Alttaf is the Team Lead & Tech Lead for Yoti.

Watching Knight Rider and Terminator as a child sparked Alttaf’s interest in technology. He always has a desire to figure out how tech is working. This fascination led him into a career in computer science, completing a Bachelors degree in Artificial Intelligence in 2006.   

He started his career in tech through a graduate training scheme at a company called Thales. He was building flight simulators using a mixture of C++ and AI.

In his next role, he moved into web where he was working on an HR platform with Untangel Limited. His interest in Javascript was a key factor in taking the role as Untangel was one of the first companies to use Javascript on the backend.

His next move was Yoti in 2016, after showing the CEO a potential demo of electronic signing he loved it so Altaff and a colleague went away and built the demo which is now in production.     

Why do we need e-sign signatures

As technology advances so do the criminals that wish to exploit it. Technologists need to stay one step ahead of the crooks to keep peoples personal details and finances safe. Alttaf talked to us about this issue and how e-signatures can hinder criminal activity.  

“Many e-signature platforms at the moment aren’t up to scratch. If you’ve had to do anything like sign a tenancy agreement or start a new job you’ll be aware of the convoluted systems and unnecessary bureaucracy that can go along with simply putting a digital pen to paper.

I feel like your signature or your ‘seal’ is an extension of your identity and you should be able to sign documents with that seal. Back in the day, monarchs and lords would stamp decrees with their seal and this was seen as an extension of their identity. I believe the same concept should apply today and because we’re living in a digital age it should be easy to make this a reality.

The truth is quite different actually, at the moment the only e-signing authentication available to most companies is email. Businesses check you have access to email and they consider you authenticated and for a lot of applications, this is passable.

But as we move into a more tech-savvy world the criminals and the villains are becoming more tech savvy too. We’ve seen and heard of countless stories of online fraud and it’s costing the economy millions. So things like Yoti sign would solve at least the fraud element of e-signatures”

Show Notes:

00.59 Yoti is your identity on your phone

02.28 Alttaf’s background and career progression

04.55 Listening to new starters is a great way to gain perspective on your business

05.30 Problem solving is at the heart of engineering

07.07 The two types of innovators

08.43 Conceiving the e-signature idea

10.47 How do you protect your cryptographic keys

11.55 What are biometrics?

15.12 Machines can pick up on things humans cannot

16.43 Executing on projects from the concept phase to completion

22.14 Where is the Bitcoin boom heading