Developing websites in Liverpool – Steve Todd

Emerging Technologies & Business
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Steve is the Technical Director at Mashbo 

Steve caught the coding bug whilst doing his A-levels and he moved away from a career as a pilot to pursue programming. He did a Computer Science degree at the University of Liverpool and has worked and lived in the city he grew up in ever since.    

In 2011 Steve and two colleagues founded Mashbo. They set up their own company so they could create a positive, forward-thinking company culture they’ve always wanted at work. 

Mashbo was originally conceived as a piece of software that allowed you to donate to a chosen charity when you bought products online. 

In order to fund this idea, they began developing websites for clients. This quickly became more profitable than their original idea and they moved in web design.

Show Notes:

00.32 Complain about being busy, complain about being bored

01.22 Steve’s career journey

03.44 Liverpool’s a rising tech hub

06.58 Building your own startup

09.01 Hiring talent in Liverpool

10.24 Finding culture fit candidates in your hiring process

13.00 Remote working culture

15.52 Big businesses and the benefits of the north 

16.51 Tackling the gender imbalance in coding

17.58 Which languages are hot at the moment       

20.36 Building web applications

23.49 Machine learning, AI and data sets


Location: Northern Powerhouse