Discussing Dev-Sec-Ops – George Crosby

Emerging Technologies & Business
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George is the Director at Cogito Group

Growing up around his dad’s carbon fiber business George was lucky enough to be introduced to computers at an early age. He went into finance straight out of university and he worked in engineering roles for the best part of 3 years. He then spent the next 4 years building up a company from scratch which wasn’t his own. It was in this where he learned a lot of the skills he talks about on the show. 

 He really enjoyed the challenge of growing a company so decided to found his own and do it himself. From this decision, Cognito Group was born. 

Show Notes:

00.32 What is Dev-sec-ops 

03.59 DevOps is a cultural shift 

06.34 Changing your traditional way of working

08.40 The similarities between blockchain & dev-sec-ops

10.32 Founding Cogito Group.

13.21 The variety of talent in DevOps.

14.30 The next few years in the DevOps space.

18.10 Security and finance

19.31 George’s background and career progression      

20.31 Deciding to start your own business

22.04 Empowering creativity by automating security

23.35 Aligning your business with your personal goals

26.06 Setting yourself goals