What does a delivery manager do? Find out at 1:50

Drew is the Delivery Manager at Karhoo 

A self-proclaimed ‘recovering project manager’ Drew’s career started in engineering. He was a backend engineer in the era of Java. Prior to KarHoo, Drew worked at a technology agency working with various clients in the UK in a project focused role delivering technology software.  

Drew now manages the creation of award-winning digital products across web, mobile and tablet devices. He is experienced in managing teams of developers, analysts, UX, creative and testers delivering compelling digital products through full product life cycle development and evolution. 

What does a delivery manager do?

“Depending on what industry you’re working in the role delivery manager can mean very different things. I once told my wife’s friends I was a delivery manager and they thought I delivered babies! So I definitely don’t do that. 

But in the tech, agile delivery world the role delivery manager has very different interpretations across industries. For me, and Karhoo, the delivery manager role is very similar to what you’d consider an agile coach. I oversee our scrum master team. I help them and the teams that they work with to grow. I do a lot of coaching around building an agile mindset. Another piece of my role is making sure teams deliver their products when they say they’re going to deliver them.     

We have product managers that control what the company should be building and the delivery managers make that happen.” – Drew Murdoch

Show Notes:

00.50 Let’s define a delivery manager 

03.39 The gulf between scrum and agile 

05.26 What’s the difference between scrum and kanban

08.27 When scrums go wrong!

10.06 The agile manifesto

11.59 The commercialisation of scrum & agile

13.57 Agile outside of building software

15.49 Over systematising your process 

17.59 You a part of a system

19.51 Drew’s background and career 

24.26 Encouraging teams to experiment