In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Rajat Dhawan, the CTO at Contiki Holidays. They discuss seeking out challenge in your professional life, how company decision making has been affected by data and finding the right technological solution to your business problems.

In his current role Rajat oversee e-commerce, web design, development, architecture, infrastructure, support, email, content, and performance marketing. He ’s supported by teams in London, Madrid, and Delhi and by leading digital agencies. Rajat’s current focus is to enable growth of his companies B2C business through a series of programs across personalisation, analytics, email marketing, merchandising and create a new state of the art B2B platform for our trade partners.

Show Notes:

1.09 The advantage of having varied experiences on your CV.

3.55 Seeking out discomfort and uncertainty in your professional life.

5.07 What other traits have you had to develop to allow your level of success.

6.54 How much has the decision-making process been impacted by innovations in technology.

8.38 Have you got to a point where you can let data lead your decision-making processes.

10.08 Do we need to get data to a 10/10.

10.52 Going to a full data state.

12.20 People, technology and balancing the latest and greatest with your business outcomes.

15.00 Searching out collaborations as a CTO.