In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Luke Wilson Head of M.I at Mitie. On the show, they discuss the newest trends emerging in the Data sector, the role of visualisation tools in Data and recruitment and skill issues in Data.

Luke is an experienced insight leader, who has spent most of his career in analytics and data roles. He brings a wealth of expertise around how to use data to maximise business opportunities and profitability and is equally comfortable working directly with data or managing teams of analysts.

Show notes

1.07 Talking the latest trends in Data and differing backgrounds of professionals working in the sector.

3.29 How new analysts are capitalising on the new data visualisation tools and applying them to data roles.

5.01 How diversity in the Data sector is helping data visualisation.

5.29 Discussing the potential shortfall in analytics resources by 2025.

6.29 Changing skill sets required in technical disciplines.

8.11 The importance of learning and development.

10.44 Discussion of skill sets and aptitude for learning required for new employees and fresh starters in Data.

12.51 Outcomes of visualisation in Data.

13.32 Demonstrating the value of data.

16.20 Demonstrating the value of data: Case study.

19.09 Using you figures to grow your data team.

20.13 Discussing the role of communication and soft skills in data.

22.26 Communication and Belbin’s colour personality chart.