Simon is the Director of Engineering at Advanced Analytics 

As the Director of Engineering at Advancing Analytics, Simon’s passion is helping companies achieve their analytics goals using the best of data engineering know-how, coaching their data leadership and educating their teams around the latest and greatest Azure analytics technologies.

Simon is a big believer in the wider data community. He regularly presents on cloud analytics architecture and was the original founder of the Surrey Data Platform Group. He now organises the Microsoft Data London UG. Simon can generally be found at data conferences worldwide, sharing his experiences and learning from as many people as possible!

Show Notes:

00.32 Traveling in and out of the city

02.26 The value of an office with diverse experiences

03.43 Getting out of your workplace bubble 

05.28 Data thought leadership coming out of London

07.22 Modern data warehousing

09.44 Where is the ROI on a data team

13.28 The emergence of the CDO role

15.09 Data frustrations 

20.27 Getting an accelerated data learning experience 

23.51 People don’t want as much freedom as they think 

24.59 How is Advanced Analytics doing