Creating a data team from scratch and harnessing creativity to grow it – Bruce Pannaman

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In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Bruce Pannaman, a Data Scientist at Busuu. On the show, they discuss the links between Business Intelligence and Data Science. They also chat about the direction Data Science is heading and where it’s taking society.   

Show Notes:

1.06 When do you need to start building a data science team.

3.41 Moving from business intelligence into Data Science.

6.02 Proving out your concept to make business sense.

7.59 Did you have to collaborate with a lot of other teams when building your data team.

9.30 Finding talent for the Data Science role.

12.22 Founding a Data Science community outside of work.

13.54 Bruce’s background and career progression.

15.11 The creative aspect of Data.

18.33 Looking to the future where do you see Data heading?

20.01 Silicon roundabout.

23.25 Discussing office culture and remote working.

24.15 How is Data going to evolve?