In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Tim Carmichael, Chief Data Officer and Chief Analytics Officer at the British Army. Tim helps solve the most pressing strategic business problems by working collaboratively with peers to identify the data that matters, then harness it to add genuine value to a company. He Uses advanced analytics and imaginative visualisations to help simplify complex problems and improve insight for client. He does this to enable evidence-based strategic decisions.

He chats to Andy about the importance of implementing an effective data strategy in your business. They also discuss hiring people who are different to you, the shortcomings of data and analytics and effective forms of leadership.

Show Notes:

1.53 What is meant to be a “skilled person” now

3.21 Shortcomings in data and analytics

6.15 Embedding the strategic vision for the British Army

9.32 Shortage of STEM skills in education

16.43 Success is all about knowing the intended outcome

17.56 Effective forms of leadership

21.22 Concepts for successful outcomes

25.53 Hiring people completely different to you

29.53 The British Army as an equal opportunities employer

35.17 Translating between business and technology

38.24 Using visualisation to help communicate analytical insights

42.42 The global enthusiasm for sharing solutions to problems