Niall is the Head of Engineering at Butternut Box 

Niall started working in Dublin 7 years ago at a company called Web Summit which is a technology conference. Since then he’s worked in New York for a while for a company called Plated which is similar to Hello Fresh. Niall joined Butternut Box two years ago. 

Butternut Box is a dog food company but better. They believe in delivering health and happiness to dogs and humans all around the world. They achieve this mission by using really high-quality ingredients and using algorithms to ensure the portion control is correct. And then delivering the food to your door with a quick and efficient service.

Show Notes:

01.31 Niall’s background and career journey 

05.11 Aligning your company mission with your customer’s personal motivations 

07.19 Butternut Box’s hiring framework 

09.54 Skilling up your workforce

11.11 Identifying the right talent for your business

13.17 Getting your data set right from the beginning

17.19 Analytics and reporting

19.51 Data in the eCommerce space

22.31 Integrating data tools

24.32 Careers at Butternut Box