“When I was at uni I went out to a restaurant with my future wife. She was in her final year at the time and had all her dissertation notes in the car. We parked near the restaurant in a really dodgy area. I said ‘I hope the cars still here when we get back’ and my girlfriends said ‘Yeah all my data will be gone’. I remember this conversation, it wasn’t an argument but a disagreement. She was claiming the data in the car was the most valuable asset and I was claiming the car itself was. And by the way don’t tell her this but she was right”. Raj Samani

Raj Samani is a Chief Data Scientist at McAfee.

Raj has led a genuinely action-packed life. He has assisted multiple law enforcement agencies in cybercrime cases and is also a special advisor to the European Cybercrime Centre in the Hague.

A member of the Infosecurity Europe Hall of Fame, and technical editor for a number of security publications, Raj lives and breathes security.     

Over the years he has developed a keen eye for spotting security issues in businesses. He can communicate the solutions to these problems to technical and non-technical people alike, ensuring everyone in a business is on the same page in regards to their security practices. Creating company-wide security policies is the main focus of today’s show. In addition, Raj puts a price on your personal data and looks toward the future of cybersecurity.

Show notes:

1.22 Extracurricular activities around tech industries.

3.26 Creating change in your industry.

7.29 Educating the public about online security.

10.43 Case study: Wannacry attack.

12.56 Understanding the reach of cyber and how it affects everyone.

15.02 Is education on cyber-security lacking?

16.06 Datasets as an asset.

19.34 Are datasets as valuable as we perceive them?

22.10 Balancing the highs and lows of working in Data.

23.30 The importance of protecting ourselves online.

25.24 Technology’s impact on day-to-day life.

26.50 Risks and rewards of moving into a tech-based world.

29.26 A green cross code for online security?