In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Dr. Peter Appleby, Head of Data Science at AutoTrader UK. On the show, they discuss some of the misconceptions surrounding the role of a Data Scientist. Andy asks Peter about what he looks for in a potential employee. Peter explains to Andy how a company can best leverage a data team to achieve a good ROI.

Show Notes:

1.07 clarifying what data science actually is.

4.11 Is there a hype surrounding Data Scientists?

5.19 Building a data science team

6.46 Misconceptions around the roles and titles of data professionals.

9.00 Defining the ROI of a project.

10.47 Pathways into data and Peters background.

13.05 Teamwork in data     

14.10 What competencies do you emphasis for your team?

15.46 Data from a leadership perspective.

17.13 The direction Peter sees the data space heading.

19.15 Being commercially aware as a data scientist.

20.23 The excitement of working in big data.