In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Michael Michelis, the Co-founder at Intelistyle Ltd. On the show, they discuss the links between Data Science and mathematics. Andy asks Michael about the effects Data is having on a companies structure and culture. They also discuss Data and its role in retail and the challenges of building your own startup.

Michael is a Data Engineer and mathematician with extensive experience leveraging technology to solve Big Data problems. He is experienced in managing and growing communities, founded one of the largest online communities for mathematics in Greece. Michael was also the winner of the LSE Business Week pitch competition and a finalist in a number of other pitching events. He has also launched a few indie apps in App Store and Google Play.

Show Notes:

0.59 The implementation of Data teams in a company.

3.06 What are the large challenges for you and your company?

4.49 Building a Data team with people from a variety of backgrounds.

6.33 Data’s far-reaching effects on society.

8.17 The evolution of a CDO.

9.39 Being in Data for so long but still seeing it constantly evolve.

11.03 Data science and retail.

12.55 Michaels background.

14.01 Does mathematics and Data Engineering go hand in hand?  

16.06 What have been the most challenging aspects of building your business?

18.31 Falling in love with your problems not solutions.

19.41 Aligning your roles at work with what you want to achieve in life.

21.32 What are your predictions for the 2018 Big Data trends.