I went to a local authority in the Midlands to chat to them about making an investment in Data. I was put on the spot by the chief constable, he let me talk about the benefits of Data in a business sense. When I’d finished he asked isn’t there something far more profound here? In the sense that there’s a moral imperative to use Data to identify and help individuals in crisis

Richard Walker is the associate director of public sector advisory at KPMG UK. Richard works with public sector clients to unlock the value in their data. He believes that the better use of data is critical to the future of public services.

As an associate director, Richard has experiences leading teams in the public sector where every choice is underpinned by cost. This has given him a knack for making business-savvy decisions and leading a team with limited resources.

He used his 30 minutes on the podcast to stress the importance of Data in the public sector and highlights how it has, in real terms, saved people’s lives.

Show Notes:

1.41 When you started your career could you envisage the direction data was heading.

4.27 Has the public sector managed to keep up with the rate of innovation in the Data space.

8.15 Using Data to tackle real tangible human issues.

12.32 What are some of the common issues people tend to ask you about in relation to Data?

15.26 Are there any situations where you have to manage expectations around Data.

20.12 Answering the “why” for the application of Data.

23.20 What problems do you think we’ll be tackling in the future, specifically in the public sector.

27.13 The impact of Data in the public sector.