Ryan Cone is VP of Data Operations at DotDash.

A natural leader, Ryan has spent more than 9 years leading a data engineering team at DotDash. His teams have been responsible for designing, developing, and enhancing the company’s platform through strategic data acquisition and multi-layered data architecture.

Data is a continually expanding discipline. Growth in the sector has resulted in the creation of many new roles. Trying to keep track of them can get confusing.

Ryan cuts through the jargon and outlines in plain English exactly what data professionals are doing to benefit your company.

Show Notes:

0.29 Ryan’s career in data.

3.01 Taking soft skills seriously.

4.09 Is there a linear path into data?

5.05  Team diversity.

7.41 Adapting your skills to work in tech.

8.57 Adopting best practices in data management.

10.19 The difference between data operation and data engineering.

12.43 The creative side of data.

14.35 The monetary value of data.

16.17 Overseeing large-scale cloud migrations.

17.59 The direction of cloud migration and serverless ops.

19.50 Anticipating new technologies.

20.59 Getting company leadership on board with new tech.

22.11 The rate of change in technology.

23.00 Lessons learned from a career in data.

25.20 Teaching data skills to others.

26.46 What are your favorite data topics to discuss with others?

29.04 What aspect of working with tech do you enjoy the most?