Nimrod is a Business Intelligence Lead at Hermes Investment Management

Starting his BI career a decade ago, Nimrod began working in the space as a consultant. He quickly progressed to a lead consultant then team leader.  

After a few years working in a consultancy, he moved to Hermes where he now works with their in-house BI team. With a BA in Philosophy and Mass Media, Nimrod pivoted into data and has been responsible for overseeing the making of greenfield data warehouses around ESG data.

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Show Notes:

00.59 Nimrod’s background and career progression

01.51 Moving from consultancy to an in-house role

02.51 The Hermes Investment Management story

04.49 Responsible investment 

06.27 Getting a value proposition from a marketing team 

09.40 Defining big data

11.35 Remembering the business needs tech is solving

15.34 Data is a cultural issue

18.50 Self-service BI is the way to go

21.52 Communicating the effort that goes into collecting data

23.35 Deciding what technologies to invest in 

25.53 Business needs to technology, not the other way around 

28.12 Further reading resources