In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Ian West, vice-president of analytics and information management at Cognizant, about how data affects our world. They discuss how the world of data has changed over the last 20 years, why investment in data is tricky and the change from structured data storage to “data lakes”.

Show Notes:

How the world of data has changed 2.06

Why are data investment teams not seeing any success yet? 9.55

Effortless insight inside a company 14.24

Structured vs unstructured data 16.44

Data lakes 17.57

Is disruption information consumption or corporate behaviors? 23.46

Analytical storytelling 27.40

The role of data governance 28.51

Data level increase with artificial intelligence 30.46

Data accuracy problems due to being reliant on hardware 35.40

The ingredients for a big data world 41.11