Humanising Data Insights: Putting people at the heart of Data – Paul Laughlin

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In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Paul Laughlin, Founder and managing director at Laughlin Consultancy. On the show, they discuss the creative side of data analytics. They also chat about the way companies are now creating alternative career ladders for people who don’t want to be in management. Andy asks Paul about his career progression and how he got into the data space. Finally the chat about the concept of deep and shallow learning.

Paul help companies make money from customer insight. He helps them maximise the value they can drive from using data, analysis & research to intelligently interact with customers. Paul also enables them to sustain their own value generation, through coaching customer insight leaders. Customer Insight has the potential to grow the bottom line, increase sales, improve retention and sustain better customer satisfaction or advocacy. He has led teams that have added over £10m to the bottom line of their companies each year by removing common barriers to realising that value.

Show Notes:

1.07 The human aspect of data and insights.

2.36 The creative element to Data.

3.41 What are the general misconceptions around Data and Insights.   

6.30 The hype around the applications of Data.

10.00 The diversity of leadership and creating alternative career paths for those who don’t want to be leaders.

13.44 Paul’s background and career progression.

16.39 Do you feel you’ve always thought in Data terms?

18.22 How did you navigate your way through your career?

21.25 How we value peoples experiences.

25.39 Honing in and focusing on one problem and mastering one skill.

28.26 Ask yourself are you always learning?