Sam Peck is Product Design Lead for Blackboard Ally At Blackboard Inc.

“A lot of design is about communication and collaboration. If you can get people to just work together. Your already getting people to utilise a culture of design thinking”  

Sam is a big advocate of collaborative problem solving, he believes it is fundamental to a great team. Design based on data is another area where Sam excels. He sat down with Andy to discuss the direction of UX and the challenges faced by the industry.  

Show Notes:

00.32 The board responsibilities a UX person has.

03.29 Aligning your technical skill set with commercial goals.

07.45 Are we using our designers to their full potential?

10.00 We like to ignore metrics.

13.41 Do designers have a chip on their shoulder?

15.25 Are we going to see the development of a senior designer role?

18.09 Will we see the UX space becoming more formalised in the future.

20.26 How do you keep motivated in your career?