Leveraging Data for charitable causes – Cyrus Bulsara

Methodologies & Skills Development
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In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Cyrus Bulsara, Head of Data services at the Children’s Society. They discuss applying creativity to Data, making a move to a management position and how technology is changing the workplace.

Cyrus is a highly motivated and dynamic database and analysis manager. He has 9 years of experience in delivering team leadership and data services, including; segmentation, analysis, imports, policies/procedures, gift processing, data cleaning, and user support. He also has over 10 years of fundraising experience in the not-for-profit sector. Cyrus’ fundraising skills and experience include; direct mail appeals, membership programmes, copy-writing, segmentation, and analysis. He has been described as a ‘calm, problem-solver’ and has a proven track record of project management including target-beating direct marketing campaigns and implementation of new systems and technology.

Show Notes:

1.06 Is Data a creative art form.

1.57 Do you encourage your team to be creative when looking at Data.

3.13 How do go about building a constructive work environment?

4.30 How did your background and experiences shape you as a leader?

6.27 Speaking about the modern problem of retention of staff.

9.02 Are you motivated by outcomes?

10.30 How have technological advancements made the gathering of data more efficient?

12.22 Saving time and being more efficient by self-reporting.

13.36 Having an awareness of outcomes and have they changed due to technology.

15.38 How much creativity do you allow your team?

17.42 Have you found a lot of satisfaction from your management position?

19.29 How was your transition to management?

20.37 Did your journey up the career ladder feel like a natural process to you?

23.02 Being able to admit you can be wrong as a manager.

24.17 What is exciting you at the moment in the space you occupy?