Mike is the Head of Data & Analytics at the Bodyshop.

Mike’s interest in data started when he began studying economics at A levels. It was the first time he’d seen a subject that married maths with real-world problems and issues. It was his first taste of using data to make business recommendations. Mike carried on learning economics right through to a Master’s degree.  

After a brief foray into investment banking, Mike went to work at a company called Game Theory. This company taught Mike the fundamentals of data analytics. 

After a while at Game Theory Mike moved into the retail sector to work at Debenhams. He did this to get some more hands-on data experience. He then went to the Post Office and got some first-hand experience dealing with bureaucracy and red tape. 

Then went to The Guardian news and media, then Aimia and now he works as the Head of Data & Analytics at The Bodyshop.

Show Notes:

00.32 Podcasts are a fun way to end the week

01.44 The benefits of extended holidays 

02.22 Mike’s background and career progression

09.16 Commercial instincts, creativity & data

11.27 Using data to make decisions

14.39 Research, innovation & data

18.04 Improving people & processes

20.14 Let’s stop being busy idiots 

21.35 Automation will lead to a happier workforce

23.53 Do we need to be busy to be productive?

26.09 Mike’s work with the Bodyshop

28.15 Career’s at the Bodyshop