How your business should be viewing Cyber security – Andrew Speakmaster

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In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Andrew Speakmaster, the CTO and Founder of SiO4 Ltd. On the show, they discuss the what effects GDPR will have on business. Andy asks Andrew about the state of the security market. They also chat about the direction and growth of SiO4.

Andrew is a 20-year multi-organisation technical & business ICT Consultant, with business development, service delivery, project and departmental management, compliance, cybersecurity, ethical hacking, infrastructure solutions & architectural experience.

Show Notes:

1.03 The continuing need for security.

2.08 Security professionals as a finite and sought-after resource.

4.47 Fostering rapid growth by throwing yourself head first into your projects.

8.44 What are the typical questions people ask you as a security professional.

14.09 The effects of having your business compromised by hackers.

16.44 Why you need to have the right mentality when looking at your computer security.

18.07 Why you need examples to justify the spend on security.

19.12 Having the ICO on the show.

22.00 Getting validation through compliance.

24.57 Panic buying security packages and waiting for the first large GDPR fine.

26.43 How SiO4 is building momentum and growing.

34.25 Having someone who can come into a business and learn everything.  

37.01 The excitement surrounding the security sector.

38.44 Not fulfilling your goals because of fear.

40.52 SiO4’s contact details