Building a customer-centric energy company – Greg Jackson

Emerging Technologies & Business
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Greg is the founder and CEO at Octopus Energy

After a short sojourn in the video game industry when he finished his GCSE’s Greg returned to university to do a degree in Economics. He landed his first professional role in the marketing department at Proctor & Gamble.

When Greg started at P&G the concept of technology and marketing being closely entwined was very alien. But with the advent of the consumer-facing internet that all changed and the two disciplines began gelling together.

Greg seized on the developing digital marketing industry by creating a product we’d now identify as a cloud-based Saas CRM. He was one of the first individuals in the world to produce a type of technology like this. The product was reasonably successful and let Greg sold it for a tidy profit.

Selling this product gave Greg enough capital to build a big business in an area that really matters. Not long after he founded Octopus Energy. He started Octopus Energy because he is passionate about bringing fairer practices and better value to the people of Britain.

Show Notes:

00.33 Greg’s background and career progression 

03.22 A jack of all trades 

05.01 Being the first to market with your solution  

06.21 Entrepreneurs worry more than anyone

09.31 Is there equity in ideas?

12.01 Over-thinking good ideas 

15.17 The motivation for Octopus Wealth 

22.16 Octopus Wealths rapid growth 

25.27 The philosophies behind Octopus Energy 

28.05 Career opportunities at Octopus Energy