How companies should rethink what ‘culture fit’ means – Rich Cobbold

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Rich is an EMEA Recruitment Specialist for Google Cloud.

Starting his career recruiting for marketing roles in an agency, Rich, quickly learned the benefits developing long term relationships can have on one’s career. Building true and meaningful client and candidate relationships have always been at the core of Rich’s recruitment strategy.     

In 2012 he started working for a recruitment company who then looked to expand their digital recruitment arm. Rich started recruiting digital marketing professionals for a variety of other businesses.

Over the next 6 years, his division grew across the UK. Rich started to manage several different teams and advise teams in other areas of the world on how to found their own digital business units. He was also added to the board of directors.

After a seven-year stint working agency side, Rich moved to an in-house role working for Google Cloud. This move was spurred by his desire to work in long term partnerships with clients. Initially, he acted as the point of contact for all cloud marketing and communications across EMEA, before also getting involved in technical project management hiring, hiring for other business units like Waze and finally acting as a point of contact for DACH Sales.

How companies should rethink what ‘culture fit’ means

Businesses love hiring based on a ‘cultural fit’. It’s one of the big buzzwords of the 21st century. As job seekers are motivated less and less by money and more by the perks an employer can offer it seems only natural that ‘culture fit’ will come to the fore of any onboarding process. As a recruitment specialist Rich Cobbold believes we need to think carefully about what culture fit means as it’s hugely important. Rich elaborates: 

“There’s an inherent question mark around looking for someone who fits in with an existing culture. As opposed to looking for someone who adds value to that culture which I think is a very different thing.   You don’t want to have a group of people that are all very similar. You want to have people with differences of opinions who each bring something unique to the table.”


Show Notes:

00.59 Recruitment is a ‘tip of the iceberg’ job

03.56 The perception of recruitment isn’t always positive!

06.30 Agency vs internal recruitment. They’re two different jobs

09.59 Working internally lets you embrace a company’s vision

13.18 How are hiring practices changing?

17.00 Companies looking for a ‘culture fit’ have got the wrong idea  

19.46 If you really want that job you need to go above and beyond

23.54 Let’s use technology to disrupt the education sector

27.38 Base success on achievements

31.59 How to write your achievements in your CV