In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Steve Coulson, the CFO at JustPark. On the show, they discuss balancing culture and bureaucracy in business. Andy asks Steve how he quantifies the ROI of a positive company culture. They also chat about the fears startup founders get when their companies start growing rapidly.

Show Notes:

1.31 Steves Background in startups and SME’s.

6.09 The misconceptions around culture and bureaucracy in business.

8.12 Investing money back into your staff.

10.40 Quantifying culture.

12.14 Do you find people are more concerned with ROI than culture.

14.07 Having a high-level vision so everything you do makes sense.

18.14 Do you ever worry about your startup getting too big?  

21.34 Having the maturity to let go of some aspects of your role as you move up in your career.

23.19 Was it an easy decision for you to be based in London?