Why creating a positive company culture is important when building a startups – Ezechi Britton

Culture, Diversity & Inclusion
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Ezechi Britton is the Co-founder and CTO at Neyber.

“Building a startup is like running a marathon, uphill, with a hundred pound backpack. Only you’re sprinting it the entire way” Ezechi Britton

Ezechi Britton, Co-founder of Neyber, is on a mission to build a community of employees who have access to conscientious financial assistance. Neyber partners with employers and supports their workforces financial wellbeing by offering access to affordable, salary deducted loans at no cost to the employers.   

Neyber is Ezechi’s brainchild.  He was willing to give up his job in the city to see his idea through to fruition. He quickly learned the necessary ingredients for startup success. The lessons learned during this initial period have seen Neyber go from strength to strength.

This podcast is about finding your feet in the startup world. Drawing on personal experiences, Ezechi outlines how to side-step the major pitfalls encountered when setting up your own business.

Show Notes:

1.08 Watching your business grow.

2.33 The ingredients of a successful startup.

4.08 Company growth and its impact on company culture.

7.03 Building a strong, coherent company culture.

8.24 Hiring an HR manager early on to foster culture.

9.40 The dos and do nots of building a startup.

16.18 Tenacity & sacrifice in business.

18.49 What excites you most about the future of Neyber?