Ryan is the Senior Director of Talent at Pendo.io

Ryan went to university at Brigham Young in Utah where he studied history whilst working as a systems administrator. His job at uni gave him experiences fixing computers and maintaining networks etc. After his bachelor’s, he got a Masters in Business and he started working in HR where he worked at American Express. 

American Express took Ryan to England and he worked in their Brighton HR office. He realised he wasn’t a big company person he wanted to work for smaller businesses. From there he moved careers and went to work at LinkedIn as their HR lead.    

As LinkedIn got bigger he left HR and became a salesperson for a year. After this, he moved to a startup called Mobile Iron where he was the Head of Recruiting. It was in this role, he found that recruiting was his true passion. Ryan spent a few more years working as the Head of Recruiting at various Startups before landing at Pendo.io. 

Show Notes:

00.45 Growing up in Silicon Valley 

02.38 Ryan’s career journey

06.05 Career hopping is encouraged 

07.19 Varied experiences equal better problem solving

09.52 Pushing yourself for senior roles 

10.57 Discomfort creates motivation 

12.20 Moving from sales to talent

16.39 Culture happens organically 

18.21 People and culture aren’t robotic

22.56 Deciding where to work

26.02 How do you find fulfillment in your career?

28.16 Careers at Pendo