In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Derek Wise, the CTO at Grapeshot. On the show, they discuss how, as a leader, you can build a constructive environment for your staff. Andy asks Derek about his military background and how it has helped his management career. Derek also explains to Andy why it’s important to let your staff know it’s ok to fail.

Derek is a technologist at heart with an added passion for people and process management. He enjoys combining the chaos of software development. Derek is a massive proponent of Agile methodologies coupled with solid project planning. He’s always on the lookout for new technologies and solutions to help bridge the gulf of uncertainty in software development, product development, and server operations.

Show Notes

1.07 Did you always aim to be a CTO.

2.15 The influence of the military in your management role.

5.19 Starting your plan at your end goal and working backward.

7.16 Working for Omron.

11.42 Letting your team know it’s ok to fail as long as you’re pushing yourself.

16.23 Building a comfortable environment for your staff.

20.22 Talking about the difference between managers and leaders.

25.22 Understanding what people need to be successful.

29.13 Moving away from technical work as a leader.