In this episode, Andy Davis talks to David Blackwood, Ex global CTO of Capgemini infrastructure services. David leads a team of business professionals, technology experts and IT enthusiasts who are passionate about helping our clients use new technology to create real business value.

On the show, David chats about helping to make changes in a corporate environment. They also discuss hiring from diverse backgrounds, trusting your workforce and life after automation.

Show Notes:

2.20 How far are we from complete automation?

6.48 Could technology help us move out of cities?

9.38 Remote working

14.12 Adapting people to work as well as technology

20.53 Losing sight of the goals and distracted by the bottom line

23.02 Getting access to new technology for growth

26.52 Mistakes new companies are making

30.06 Corporate commitment to change

31.55 Trusting the people in your team

33.51 Accessing non-traditional talent

35.57 Disrupting the education system