In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Marcel Kornblum, head of creative technology at BBH London. They discuss the importance of taking a macro perspective in business, navigating company culture and working freelance and for agencies.

For the last 4 years, Marcel has been the senior technical resource at two of London’s most renowned creative agencies. He has freelanced as a hands-on developer and twice been a startup founder. Prior to this he has helped grow a company from 4 to 50 employees and won over 40 advertising awards, working in London and New York as a tech lead. Marcel has worked client-side, agency- and production- side, for dev shops and startups.

Show Notes:

1.08 How has technology changed over your career.

4.33 Thinking from a macro and business standpoint.

6.39 Outcomes and goals of the tech department.

7.38 Do the projects you’re working on have to be fun for you to be engaged by them?

10.04 Talking about company culture.

13.02 Innovation in the technology sphere.

14.47 Talking about scale.

16.11 Bringing people on board who can get on with the job.

17.51 Dealing with workplace egos.

18.42 Technology culture can’t be controlled or contained.

20.23 Trying products for free and free plans in technology.

22.31 Agency and in freelance work.

26.53 What technologies are you most looking forward to seeing in the near future.