Creating startups all over the world – Moritz Heininger

Emerging Technologies & Business
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Moritz is the Co-founder and Managing Director at DiscoEat  

One of the three co-founders of DiscoEat, Moritz helped create the app that allows restaurants to fill empty spaces on their tables at quiet times. 

Moritz has traveled extensively and has a degree in international management and finance. After university, he started his career in management consulting. After three and a half years he joined the startup world and he became the managing director of food panda then several other startups before founding DiscoEats.

Show Notes:

01.10 Moritz’s career journey 

03.12 Travelling all over the world

04.59 Founding DiscoEat 

07.08 Technology has made running your own startup easier 

09.32 The DiscoEat’s growth journey

12.11 Building a good team quickly 

15.07 Fundraising 

17.30 Moritz’s take on company culture

20.08 Creating your cultural values

22.50 Exiting projects for DiscoEat   

24.02 Building out your tech team 

25.08 Career opportunities at DiscoEat