Creating products at ImproveWell – John Masterson

Methodologies & Skills Development
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John is the Chief Product Officer at ImproveWell

The ImproveWell platform uses a smartphone application that empowers staff to communicate their ideas for improving care directly to senior management. An intelligent data dashboard provides a proven and trusted way to review the feedback coming in from the frontline. From the ward to the board, everyone can make suggestions to improve their workplace. 

Show Notes:

01.02 John’s career journey 

04.29 Doing economics at university 

07.44 Understanding the business applications of technology 

09.43 The value of a computer science degree

11.31 ImproveWell’s mission

13.33 Projects at ImproveWell

16.06 Implementing ImproveWell’s version 4 

18.54 Integrating data into ImproveWells app

20.50 Managing a team 

24.18 Company culture and management

26.02 Further resources