Renna is the Engineering Manager at iTech media   

Renna is a developer, entrepreneur, cat lover, planner & dreamer. She has taken part in a number of hackathons a couple of years ago, and her teams mostly end up in awarded positions. She enjoys the energy, creativity, and ideas flowing around in such events.

Show Notes:

00.55 Renna’s background and career progression 

02.26 What makes a great tech culture

04.55 Seeking out knowledge 

06.38 Moving from Estonia to London 

09.12 Barriers for celebrating success

10.35 Moving into management 

11.15 Giving out career advice

12.57 Diversity and inclusion in engineering 

15.23 Developing your culture

17.24 Working in London

18.37 Approaching goal setting

20.58 Adding talent to your team  

22.24 Careers at iTech