In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Adam Fineman, Head of I.T Operations at Euro Office. They discuss finding candidates that are the right cultural fit for your company, differing methods to keep your team motivated and innovating and coaching and training your staff.

Show Notes:

1.06 How and when did you make the transition into managing people.

2.30 When did you become aware of how important communication skills are in business.

3.16 Do you think introverted people are harder to manage?

4.19 For your teams do you have any strategies that keep them motivated and innovative.

5.32 What are the important thing for you in terms of the culture within your team.

6.52 Teamwork and why you need to get on with your peers.

7.38 Avoiding burying people’s personalities at work.

8.46 Ensuring a candidate’s personality is a fit for the company when onboarding.

9.49 Teaching technology skills and finding the right cultural fit for a candidate.

10.31 Technology as a candidate’s market and having higher retention in your company.

11.28 How did you first get involved in Tech?

13.13 What was the learning curve like for you when you were getting into tech?

14.14 How do you identify and tackle employee’s bad habits?

15.43 Coaching staff and having patience when teaching your staff.

16.25 What type of technologies are you working with?

17.23 Do you find technical people are more unwilling to move into management positions.

18.32 What are you most excited about at the moment in technology at the moment?