Scott is Director of product design at DAZN

Scott has worked for prestigious companies including Amazon, the BBC, and Sky. He builds and leads great design teams that deliver world-class user experiences to global audiences.

Working for such large corporations, Scott knows how difficult it can be for teams to act autonomously. He also knows the best innovations and ideas come from teams that have been given the freedom to approach problems the way they want.

He sat down with Andy to discuss how teams in large companies can be given the freedom to solve problems in their own ways.    

Show Notes:

00.31 Leadership leads to a sense of responsibility.

02.04 The big impact one person can have on your team.

03.37 Creating a team of diverse members.

05.58 Applying previous lessons to creating a team.

09.34 Is it impossible to create autonomy in a big organisation?

12.03 Where do product managers come from?

16.31 Tech up north.

18.27 Let’s use tech to de-nuclearise the UK tech scene.

22.19 We need to celebrate failure.

26.56 Approaching your first leadership role.

29.54 Connecting with peers externally.  


Location: Northern Powerhouse