In this episode, Andy Davis talks Richard Ashworth, the Head of Engineering at Goodlord. On the show, they discuss moving from a corporate to startup environment. They go on to chat about the role culture plays in a business and how to effectively communicate between teams.

Richard is an experienced software engineer and technical lead, who is passionate about functional programming and agile methods. He writes regularly on his blog at

Show Notes

1.06 The necessity to be good at a broad range of technologies and skills in tech now.

1.56  How did your career progress in technology?

3.25 Picking up softer skills throughout your career.

5.23 Creating options for your staff to keep them engaged at work.

6.30 Why are people moving from finance to startups.

8.55 Having more autonomy in the startup market.

10.22 Culture shock when moving company.     

11.54 How did you adapt to a new working environment?

12.51 Does the way you interact with team change when going from a big company to a startup.

14.37 Do you think there are things a corporate organisation can learn from a startup.  

16.13  How do you manage scale when you’re working in a startup?

18.29 Where do you acquire your business knowledge?

20.01 How do you approach onboarding new staff?

22.41 The time constraints on management.