Getting corporate social responsibility right – Mark Seymour

Emerging Technologies & Business
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Mark Seymour is Chief Technology Officer and Founder of Future Facilities.

Helping others is a great way to draw perspective on your own life. It isn’t just individual people who act charitably though. More and more, businesses are making a sincere effort to give something back.

In the past, many CSR programs were nothing more than a thinly-veiled PR front. But in today’s era of ever-increasing transparency, it’s easy to see such programs for what they are. Many companies are now releasing that making a contribution to the community around them can go hand in hand with continued growth and success.

 Show Notes:

1.39 Getting to a level and thinking about corporate responsibility

4.28 Should people feel obliged to engage in CSR?

6.15 Companies that Mark is involved with.

9.33 Doing CSR property and appropriately

13.36 Specific moments of enjoyment at work

15.55 Working broadly to boost creativity

19.01 Changes in the world of software development

22.13 Hiring for skills or culture and business goals

26.14 Most exciting tech advances