In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Phil Bambridge, M.I.S.T Manager at Aldermore Bank. Phil having honed his skills in the military has extensive experience in management and training. He has been involved in managing contracts and established systems and protocols leading to increased performance and profit margins.

He recently came into the office to discuss why it is important to build a corporate culture in your tech team, giving your team the tools and freedom to complete their own tasks and instilling trust in your employees.

Show Notes:

1.06 Discussing Phil’s transition from military to civilian life.

5.00 Tackling some misconceptions about the forces and relating them to business practices.

6.36 Vision and why everyone needs to know their mission in a business.

8.18 Corporate culture.

8.50 Distilling corporate identity down to trust.

11.58 If trust is missing in business critiques of each others can be perceived as personal attacks.

13.31 Undermining a blame culture.

15.25 No decision is worse than a bad decision.

19.00 Easing work pressure and team dynamics.

22.15 Trust in your company coming from C level members and working downwards.

24.46 Dealing with a rapidly growing company.

26.33 The influence tech companies are having on legacy companies.

28.17 The importance of pastoral care in management.

29.17 Knowing what to expect from your staff and knowing what your staff expect of you.

34.27 Ensuring your staff feel trusted.

36.43 Making your team subject matter experts.