In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Ben Sanders, the COO at Pockit. He chats to Andy about his role and responsibilities as a COO, why it’s important, when onboarding, to hire people who share your company’s vision and the new skills you need to learn as a manager. They also touch on the exciting advancements happening in the technology sphere and Ben’s personal motivations for working in technology.

Ben is passionate about private-sector solutions for urban issues. He’s a senior executive at Pockit a fast-growing FinTech 50 tech startup aiming to become the world’s most inclusive bank.

Show Notes:

1.29 How does your approach to workplaces change due to their size.

4.13 Managing a team is a whole new skill set.

7.05 What’s your take on the role of COO and is it true that it’s a very diverse role.

10.28 Getting excited by the sector your company works in.

12.42 New starters need a belief in your company’s vision.

15.03 Getting new employee’s invested in a company vision.

18.47 Macro external factors that can affect your business.

20.59 Does your approach to work change form role to role?

24.33 What things are you excited to see in the coming years.