Dave is Head of Software Engineering at the LADbible Group.

Although he is now technically ‘off the tools’ Dave still loves to code. A passion he has instilled in everyone that works for him and one he has gained through his years of experience as a Head of Software. The high demand for ‘good’ software engineers is a key talking point of the show. Nurturing talent and creating a work environment that allows employees to get satisfaction from their roles is something Dave strives for. Location: Northern Powerhouse

Show Notes:

00.35 Seeking external feedback for your career.

01.41 Job hopping early in your career.

05.14 Retaining staff.

09.01 Transparency in management.

12.05 Moving into management.

19.54 Having a sense of pride in your team as a manager.

24.56 Manchester’s tech community.

30.03 Working lean and failing fast.

34.12 Making a creative space for you to try business innovations.

35.17 Approaching problems with a plan.