Althea is a senior data professional and Chief Data Officer.

A passionate advocate of the value of data, Althea has spent the past 20 years working as a data management professional. She is currently a contract CDO and her hands-on knowledge includes data strategy, information management, big data, data governance & data quality.

She is currently working in Amsterdam where she is leading and managing the global data governance services for an international alcohol brand. Her mandate is to optimize the current data management practice and enable reliable analytics & reporting practices within the business.

Show Notes:

01.32 Why don’t more women work as contractors?

05.44 Accelerating your career with contracting

07.57 Why don’t more people contract?

10.43 Businesses need to change their attitudes to people

13.11 Althea’s roles and responsibilities 

17.16 The diversity of experiences in data 

21.47 Infonomics

25.52 Data won’t fix everything for you 

30.12 Data need to be treated like a serious discipline