In this episode Andy Davis talks to Richard Simmons, Chief Technologist at Logicalis UK, about gaining skills for the role you want, keeping up with education in your area and how to retain talent at your company.

Show Notes:

1.36 Did Richard always know what he wanted to do as a career?
3.19 Not interested in technology outside of work
4.53 What was the draw into IT in the 90’s for Richard?
10.50 Gaining skills for the role you want
12.29 Ongoing education within tech jobs
13.47 Is this motivation age-specific?
16.18 Millennial stereotypes
19.29 Principles for onboarding new talent
23.24 Troubles with talent retention
29.35 How quickly has the market been changing for Richard?
31.56 Securing foundation layers before adding more data
33.52 AI and machine learning