Harley Richardson is the design and development director at Discovery Education UK.

He has spent the last decade at the cross-section of education and technology. Working his way up the ranks at Discovery Education, he now provides high-quality digital content to primary and secondary schools throughout the UK. His ten-year stint at Discovery has given Harley a unique insight into how technology has transformed education.

He is an expert in managing remote workers and navigating the (sometimes tricky) office politics that surround the implementation of new tech.

The episode centers around the ways companies engage with and consume content. Harley discusses how companies that see content as currency can survive in a ‘free content’ world.

Show Notes:

1.30 Advice for people starting a career in tech.

11.00 discussing various approaches to career development.

15.30 Approaches to hiring.

18.00 How are remote workers and flexible working changing the face of the industry.

26.00 What technologies have had the biggest impact on the way you work?

33.05 Discussing ways to disseminate information from the tech teams to other departments.

35.20 Discussing the challenges of working on content and working in the content space.

39.07 Discussing new ways in which people consume content and how a company can adapt to this.