In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Andrea Cavalieri, the CTO at Newsflare. In the show, Andrea discusses combining his tech background with content creation and his role in the media. They also chat about his leadership style as a CTO and they look at some of the lessons Andrea learned when running his startup.   

Andrea specialise in content creation, capturing viral content and news events that are either; too breaking, too remote or too local for traditional news networks to cover.

Show Notes:

1.22 Andrea’s background in technology and media

2.21 Making and distributing content

4.18 Desirable skills for a CTO

6.41 Determining the right tech for your business

9.19 Finding hires with broad skill sets 

11.04 Creating content as a CTO

13.10 Disruption and working as a business

14.31 Avoiding clickbait

15.50 Battling fake news as a startup

17.10 We need a validation system to monitor news

17.53 As a CTO are you as hands-on as you used to be?

19.04 Morale and culture

19.51 being hands-on with your tech

21.28 Are you used to the startup dynamic.

22.24 Startup workloads 

23.39  Watching your team structure evolve as your team grows.

24.48  Transparency in leadership