In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Martin Moran, Managing Director at InsideSales.comThey discuss how to keep your company’s vision in focus and ensuring there’s a creative curiosity throughout your team. They also touch on the ever-changing technology landscape.

Show Notes:

1.07 How did you go about founding your first company and the revolution in cloud computing?

5.53 The rate of change in technology and business.

10.01 Ensuring your business has a competitive curiosity and positive culture.

12.35 Allowing employees to have a creative space to work on projects.

14.10 What is necessary to survive in the current job market “Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable”

15.24 The importance of a clear vision when running a business.

19.20 Articulating your vision in a way that people can understand and how to manage that when times are tough.

22.16 Four disciplines of execution.

23.11 What is it that keeps you motivated.