Felicity is HR Manager at Totally Money.

Felicity is excited to be helping build a brilliant employee culture, recruiting and retaining amazing people and focusing in particular on staff well-being, L&D and employee engagement.

Totally Money 

TotallyMoney puts customers right at the center of their credit data, helping them make smarter decisions to take control of their finances. Their free credit report and live credit score, along with their unique Borrowing Power and Match Factor technologies, give customers the information they need to find the right financial products, make better financial decisions and build stronger credit histories.


 On the show, Felicity discusses the best practices for a HR manager using a few archaeology analogies. She also describes the novel way Totally Money displays its cultural values through classic albums.

Show Notes:

00.32 The role of the HR manager in building a positive company culture.

07.26 Diversity in the senior management team.

11.55 Managing egos in the office.

14.29 Basing your company’s cultural values around classic albums.

16.21 Autonomy in business.

20.11 Gaining fulfillment in work through autonomy.

21.55 Don’t glorify being busy.

24.30 Making your company the best place to work.

26.48 Professional qualifications for career progression.