Want to know how company culture can increase your businesses ROI head to 08.33 

Chris is the VP of People & Culture at Zenjob

Living in Berlin since 2012, Chris has seen the cities tech startup scene change massively. He moved with this wife to Berlin to get out of his comfort zone and hasn’t looked back since. He started his career at Soundcloud and this was where he cut his teeth in recruitment and HR. From there Chris moved N26 as their Director of Employee Experience before finally moving to Zenjob where he’s now the VP of people & culture. 

How can your Company culture increase your ROI 

When calculating ROI, you determine how much revenue an investment produces. The prime investment in your company should be your employees. They are the most valuable asset to increasing a company’s revenue. When employees are engaged, their productivity increases, and so does your company’s revenue. Culture-fit employees execute the work that will make you stand out in the industry and increase your return on investment.

Furthermore, a strong company culture encourages the loyalty of your staff. That loyalty drives them to be personally and professionally invested in your company. This is what will truly maximize your ROI. Chris explained how you can increase the ROI on your employees in his podcast.

Culture is about impacting the bottom line. You don’t just want to create an organisation that is a fun place to work but it doesn’t actually generate any revenue or any value for the customer. So it is about making sure you have that balance. 

There’s a whole host of things that have happened during my career. Platforms like Glassdoor are holding companies accountable for their culture and businesses need to be aware of the image they have and how they’re perceived in the market.    

So, whilst I do see some companies undertaking culture projects for the sake of looking good. I do believe there are more companies out there that are working on their culture because they genuinely care about their staff. There’s so much research out there that says if you look after your people they’ll look after your customers. If you’ve got happy customers you’re going to have a successful business and then you should have happy people.’    

Show Notes:

01.32 Berlin is booming

02.34 Moving to Berlin

04.29 Modernising Soundcloud

06.25 Quantifying the recruitment process

08.33 Culture can impact the bottom line of your business

10.11 Going into hyper-growth mode

13.37 Startup people 

17.11 Collaborating with teams       

21.11 Discovering your hidden talents 

22.56 Zenjobs strategy