Creating a new company culture around Artificial intelligence – Raphael Roche

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In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Raphael Roche, the Chief Transformation Architect at Edanlit Techlab & Consultancy. On the show they discuss the composition of an A.I team. Andy asks Rafael about how company culture intertwines with artificial intelligence. They also discuss the direction A.I is heading and they chat about how to get staff on side when trying to instigate an A.I cultural change.

Raphael has 30 years of experience in leading transformation roles on projects up to £83M. He currently working at Edenlit Techlab and Consultancy working on Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Blockchain, with leading business professionals and technologists. He has extensive experience and specialisms in Customer Experience/CRM, BPR, Target Operating Models, Intranet, e-Commerce, and ERP.

Show Notes:

1.09 How does an A.I team look?

4.46 A.I professionals fulfilling a hybrid role.

7.54 Instigating a cultural shift in business when on-boarding a data/ A.I team.

12.11 The positives of having a company culture that embraces and enjoys change.

15.42 How do you get staff on-board with a cultural change in your business.

18.32 Where do you see A.I heading in the coming years?